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Mapping Civil Society of Hong Kong

The Centre is pleased to share with the general public our research outcomes in the spirit of knowledge exchange between the University and the Society. Several research outcomes are downloadable from the links under particular research projects below. For further information of each project, please contact the Centre at

Mapping Civil Society of Hong Kong
Our study follows the definition in the Johns Hopkins Comparative Non-Profit Sector Project (CNSP) with some adaptation to suit the local circumstances of Hong Kong. In CNSP, CSOs are defined as entities that are organized, private, non-profit-distributing, self-governing and voluntary. (For details, please refer to Salamon, L.M. and Anheier H.K. (1997) Defining the Nonprofit Sector: A Cross-national Analysis. Manchester and New York, Manchester University Press)
International Classification of NPOs by CNSP

a. Social Services Sector
Definition of Social Service NPOs
List of NPOs (as at 2009)

b. Conservation Sector
Definition of Conservation NPOs
List of NPOs (as at 2011)

c. International Sector
Definition of International and cross-boundary NPOs
List of NPOs (as at 2013)