「共凝滙創 ‧ 永續社區」Social Innovation for Sustainability

「共凝滙創 ‧ 永續社區」是香港大學公民社會與治理研究中心匯創坊「滙創永續」計劃序幕活動,我們會與台下觀眾深入互動,分享從全港性調查市民就2030-2050香港永續發展的願景,以及民間對社會創新的認識和意向。論壇以專題方式,邀請嘉賓分享社會創新在共建永續發展社區的角色和最新趨勢。討論將以不同角度探討對香港社會創新生態系統發展的看法。

Social Innovation for Sustainability is the first public open event for the Social Innovations for Sustainable Communities initiated by the Social Entrepreneurship and Civic Action Lab of the Centre for Civil Society and Governance at The University of Hong Kong. We will share the findings from a territorial-wide survey on sustainability visions for Hong Kong 2030-2050, and knowledge and intent for social entrepreneurship. Our speakers will share their views on the roles and trends of social innovation in creating sustainable communities. Interactive discussion will highlight the entrepreneurial ecosystem from different perspectives.