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Symposium (September)
Prof. Joseph Chan was invited to give a talk on ‘’ Social Cohesion – Measuring Common Ground” at the Global Economic Symposium 2014 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 6-8, September, 2014

Workshop (November)
Dr. Elaine Chan was invited to speak at the Workshop on Social Cohesion Radar In Asia. Berlin, Germany on 12, November 2014


Symposium (January)
The Symposium on Judicial Review and Civil Society was organized on 14 January 2013 (with Faculty of Law, HKU).

Workshop (March)
The Workshop on Enhancing Government-Civil Society Relations in Greater China, HKU was organized on 14-15, March 2013 (with ExCEL3, Faculty of Social Science).

Presentation (May-June)
Prof. Eliza W.Y. Lee gave a presentation on the topic "The Global Trend and Local Manifestations of Collaborative Governance: The Case of Hong Kong and Implications for Comparative Studies," at Global Governance Club Second Meeting, Institute of Advanced Study, The Netherlands, from 29 May to 1 June 2013.

Public Forum (July)
The Center has co-organized a public forum titled “Forum on Civil Society-A Decade Forward” with Radio Television Hong Kong on 6 July 2013 at the Lecture Hall of Hong Kong Museum of History. The Forum has attracted over 110 participants and later broadcasted in an RTHK Radio 1 Programme.
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Conference (October)
Prof. Eliza W.Y. Lee was the moderator for seminar by Debra Morris on “Enhancing the Public Benefit Requirement for Charities: Experience from England and Wales,” co-organized by ExCEL3, Faculty of Social Sciences, HKU, 15 October 2013.

Conference (November)
Dr. Helen K. Liu was the track chair at the 42nd annual conference of the Association for Research on Non-Profit Organizations and Voluntary Actions (ARNOVA), Hartford, Connecticut. 21-23 November 2013.



Symposium (February)
Symposium on Philanthropy: Past, Present, and Future was organized on 20 February 2012. (With the Department of Politics and Public Administration, HKU)
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Presentations (July)
Dr. Helen K. Liu gave a presentation on "NGOs at a Crossroad: Hybridization and the Third Sector in Taiwan," Symposium on Next Step to a Better Future: Risks and Opportunities of NGOs in China and Taiwan on 26 July 2012.

Presentations (September)
Prof. Eliza W.Y. Lee attended the Global Governance Club First Meeting and presented on the topic “Interactive Governance in Hong Kong", Sofienberg Slot, Denmark, 19-21 September 2012.



Workshop (August)
Workshop on East Asian Perspectives on Political Legitimacy was organized between 18 and 21 August 2011. (in collaboration with the Faculty of Social Sciences, HKU, and Centre for Ethics, University of Toronto, and with support from Shibusawa Eiichi Memorial Foundation, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada)
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Roundtable on Conservation Sector (November)
The Centre published the second study of civil society sectors in Hong Kong on conservation sector (2010). On 5 November 2011, the Centre organized a half-day roundtable with distinguished members of the conservation groups (concerning both natural and built environments) and scholars to discuss the Centre’s key findings and future development of the conservation sector.
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Symposium (November)
Symposium on Capacity Building for the NGO Sectors: Challenges and Opportunities was organized on 21 November, 2011. (With the Faculty of Social Sciences, HKU)


Workshop on Charting Civil Society (May)
On 30 May 2010, the Centre organized a whole-day workshop on how to study and chart the development of civil society and invited overseas scholars specializing in this field: Professor Kirsten Grønbjerg from the Indiana University, Professor Brinton Milward and Professor Joseph Galaskiewicz from the University of Arizona.


Roundtable on Social Service Sector (October)
The Centre for Civil Society and Governance launched a multiyear project to map the civil society in Hong Kong through the collection and analysis of basic data. The first report is on Social Services Sector of Civil Society in Hong Kong (2009). On 9 October 2010, the Centre organized a whole-day roundtable with distinguished members of the social service sector including, a Legislative Council Member, heads of social service organizations and scholars to discuss the Centre’s key findings and future development of the social service sector.
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Conference (June)
Members of the Civil Society Index (CSI) research team attended a CSI conference in Scotland in June 2006 to share the findings and research experience with CSI teams from other countries. The results have also been presented to the Committee on the Promotion of Civil Education in the summer of 2006.


Presentation (June)
Prof. Joseph Chan presented a paper on the results of opinion survey on national identity at the International Conference on National Education, Hong Kong, June 2005.


Workshop (February)
Organized by the Council of Europe, Venice, February 2004. The Centre; Honorary Director Prof. Joseph Chan and Research Officer Dr. Elaine Chan were invited to present their work on social cohesion to participants of the Social Cohesion Workshop.


Conference (November)
Co-organized by the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, November 2003, Prof. Joseph Chan and Dr. Elaine Chan presented a paper entitled, "An Exploratory Research on the State of Social Cohesion in Hong Kong" at the Conference on Social Cohesion.