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Past Projects


  • Mapping and Capacity Assessment of Civil Society Sectors in Hong Kong (2016)
  • The Asian Barometer Survey III in Hong Kong (2015)
  • International Civic and Citizenship Education Study (ICCS) 2016 in Hong Kong (2015)
  • Social Cohesion and New Forms of Association and Participation in Hong Kong (2015)
  • Explaining Collaborative Service, Network structure, and Clients’ Outcomes of Public Services Providers in Hong Kong and Taipei (2015)
  • Study on the Racial Encounters and Discrimination Experienced by South Asians (2012)
  • Study on Voluntary Services in Hong Kong for Agency for Volunteer Services (2009)
  • NGO Management Local Case Studies (before 2006)
  • Programme to Promote Philanthropy in China (before 2006)
  • Study of Social Entrepreneurship in Hong Kong (before 2006)
  • Study on Civic Engagement in Public Policy Making (before 2006)
  • Survey on Corporate Social Responsibility (before 2006)
  • Study on the Role of Cross-border Civil Society Networks (before 2006)
  • Hong Kong Civil Society Index Research (2006)
  • Study of Arts Development and Government-Civil Society Partnership (2006)
  • NGO Statistics and Social Auditing Practices in Hong Kong: A Feasibility Study (2005)
  • Opinion Survey on Civic Education and National Identity (2005)
  • Opinion Survey on Social Cohesion (2003)