Research and Publications

Study on civil society of Hong Kong

An important mission of the Centre is to enhance the knowledge about the civil society and its relationship to governance in Hong Kong as well as to promote public understanding in this regard. To serve this mission, the Centre plans to collect data on the state of civil society, to analyse its capacity and strength, and to produce a publication on the research results targeting at an audience of the informed general public. While similar projects have been carried out internationally, there is a relative lack of database and existing research on the civil society entities in Hong Kong, and thus making relevant analysis difficult. Given the enormous scale and complexity of the task, the Centre proposes to conduct a series of annual (or bi-annual) research studies. Various civil society sectors will be studied through baseline research. On conclusion of each study, a report will be published for the public (including the international academia) to understand the state of a particular civil society sector in Hong Kong and to build up a database for future research.

We have published reports on Social Service Sector in 2009, and Conservation Sector in 2011 and International Sector in 2014-15, and Arts and Cultural Sector in 2015-16 respectively. Since 2012, we are compiling and analyzing databases of International Sector, Arts and Culture Sector, and Sports and Recreation Sector of Hong Kong’s civil society. Reports on our findings will be released to the public and uploaded to this website when they are ready.