Design Thinking is a cognitive and collaborative approach to problem-solving and a trust-building process among the potential sustainability catalyzers. Collaborating with local/international innovation accelerator, Design Thinking facilitates the potential social entrepreneurs to explore socio-environmental problems and hidden resources, and prototype and generate sustainability innovations collectively to achieve greater impact.

Design Thinking is conducted in the format of 3-day intensive weekend workshops, where participants will go through a series of problem decomposition/recomposition process, intensive skills training and mentoring sessions for inspiring them to develop their own business models that address social sustainability issues.

Designing Thinking Workshops consist of Startups for Sustainability workshops (Startups) and Enhanced Social Innovations for Sustainability workshops (Scale-ups).

Experts and advocates will be invited to provide support at the Design Thinking Workshops. The participants can learn from researchers, successful business developers, and/or innovators as inspirers/ideas boosters for further developing their own innovations.