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Advancing Your Career with Sustainability: Career Talk cum Admission Briefing

Sustainability knowledge and skills are increasing necessities in preparing for an uncertain future, and to understanding complex challenges in every aspect of our daily lives – energy, agriculture and food security, technology, well-being. Whichever strategic and functional role within business, non-profits, or consultancy, there is relevance and incredible value to incorporating a sustainability-focused perspective. This programme will equip you with knowledge and skills to tie together what may appear as disparate disciplines through the integration of sustainability principles in decision-making and problem-solving processes.

Join us for a discussion with our alumni who will share their experience of building an understanding of the interplay between decisions taken and the consequent social and environmental impacts and how a strong base of sustainability knowledge keeps you relevant in this fast-changing world.


港大致力建構永續社會 培育新一代永續發展管治人材 主辦碩士課程與時並進 結合環境、社會議題及商業策略



Career Talk cum Programme Briefing

All things sustainability – climate change, diversity and inclusion, biodiversity, sustainable finance, ESG disclosures – are top of mind for many as they contemplate their next steps of their career. As you consider the current demand for transformational change and how you may contribute, join us for an evening where various options for a career in this field are explored. Find out how you can enhance your skill set, shape your career in the direction you choose, and enable your desire to make a difference in society through your professional credentials.


SLG Programme has been accredited by IEMA and students of the Programme are eligible for the Student and Graduate IEMA membership!

Our Programme has been accredited by Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment and students are entitled to complimentary student membership to IEMA for the duration of the progrmme and on successful completion they qualify for GradIEMA.