Together making sustainability the new normal




Our graduates have moved in to a variety of careers. These include with local consultancies, impact investing, nonprofits as well as in-house with corporations. We also see our professional alumni returning to their field to integrate matters of environmental, social and governance (ESG) in to their work place decision-making, for example financiers, CPAs and governance specialists. Some of our students are enhancing their qualifications so they may move to senior management positions as they seek to integrate more strategically matters such as tenant engagement, energy efficiency and renewables, as well as addressing food waste and packaging issues. Some alumni return to the family business equipped with a better understanding of how their company and the industry sector as a whole will be effected by global, regional and local material risks.

A focus of the programme is to examine and understand corporates’ contribution and potential, through the lens of their world, in tackling systemic environmental, social and governance challenges. The complexity of these challenges means that we must prepare students for systems thinking and transdisciplinary approaches, emphasizing stakeholder diversity, inclusivity, and accountability, transparency and eco-justice. In this manner the programme aims to ensure that students are prepared for their career in a for-profit or non-profit organization, department or functional role through an integration of relevant disciplines and expertise.