The Sustainable Leadership and Governance (SLG) programme requires students to complete a substantive piece of research work as a final requirement for graduation; and it is referred to as the Capstone Project. The Capstone Project requires students to take what they have learned in the classroom and apply this knowledge in a real-world situation, by analysing a specific sustainability issue.  Building upon a strong research foundation, a capstone project addresses real-life challenges: “How does this research project help to resolve the identified challenge in order to promote ‘sustainable’ practices and positive systemic changes”   

The SLG programme focuses on the practical needs of working professionals in the field and the Capstone Project will give students the ability to take their classroom learning and apply it directly to tackling a real-world challenge. This will be done by allowing the students in their group to work with a stakeholder in the community. The Capstone Project is a group-based learning-in-action exercise where you will discover a way of working together by building your group skills. Each Capstone Project is undertaken by a group of four students and will support the development of planning, critical thinking and creativity skills. Project supervision is provided by the course coordinators, who are also core members of the staff in the SLG Programme.  The course co-ordinators will guide the capstone project groups through a series of themes and topics from which the groups can choose, and then subsequently the groups will be introduced to the stakeholders in the community with whom they will be working.

Assessment: 100% coursework