Sustainability assessment tools for resource management



This course introduces key sustainability assessment tools to assist in resource management. Sustainable resource management requires well-informed decision making based on holistic assessment of the issue on hand. The course aimed to equip students with the practical skill of the applying sustainability assessment tools (Ecological Footprint (EF) and Multi-criteria Decision Aid (MCDA)) to support resource management at both regional and organization level.

The course will teach students to acquire the skills of applying sustainable assessment tools to evaluate Hong Kong’s position in the consumption of natural resources. The course will narrow the focus on businesses and upcoming infrastructure projects to enable students to critically assess the implications. The course will consist two key sites heavily involved in Hong Kong’s infrastructure developments and a workshop to evaluate these two businesses development overtime affected by the political climate and environmental conditions.

Students will receive the opportunity to reflect on the insights and skills gained from the course and prepare for the (1) Presentation for the Lantau Tomorrow Vision, a highly controversial and upcoming project that touches on progressing human development while remaining uncertain on the extent of its expense on the ecological footprint and (2) an individual assignment undertaken on the ecological footprint analysis at a household level.

Assessment: 100% coursework