Sustainable cities



NOT OFFERED IN 2021-2022

This course lays down the challenges and opportunities for cities to become more resilient, inclusive and sustainable. This course highlights urban planning and building design and the related tools and instruments in managing climate change consequences, mitigating environmental impacts and conserving the socio-cultural and ecological systems that cities require for their survival and long-term prosperity. The course begins with an introduction to the various advocacies and debates on the sustainable city ideology and focuses on the fundamental functions and processes of planning in attaining sustainability. Illustrated with real-life cases, the course discusses different planning approaches, such as smart city development, urban regeneration, climatic application in planning and design, planning for walkability and their effectiveness in achieving resource conservation, energy efficiency and community solidarity. Topics may include urban greening, food systems, cultural landscape, low carbon transition, and planning for wise use of resources.

Assessment: 100% coursework