Dr. Winnie Law

Deputy Director and Principal Lecturer, Centre for Civil Society and Governance at the University of Hong Kong

Staff Profile

She assists the Programme Director to develop and implement programmes and projects in the field of sustainability. Having obtained her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in New Zealand, Winnie Law is keen on both urban and rural sustainable development issues and is particularly interested in integrating sustainability theories into practice. Her main research areas are civic engagement, social impact assessment, and education and training for sustainable development. Winnie Law has served on various NGOs and government committees. She is currently a director of the Conservancy Association (the longest established local green group in Hong Kong) and the Conservancy Association Centre of Heritage. Winnie Law also sits on a number of HKSAR Government’s advisory committees including Environmental Campaign Committee (Vice-Chairman, EE&CA Projects Vetting Sub-committee), Steering Committee for Restored Landfill Revitalisation Funding Scheme and Agricultural Products Scholarship Fund Advisory Committee. At the regional level, Winnie Law was commissioned by the EU and ENDP as a planning and social monitoring expert for their programmes in Vietnam. She also reviews books for Urban Policy and Research Journal (Taylor & Francis Inc) and reviews papers for Journal of Urban Planning International (China).