Ir Dr. Elizabeth Lai

Honorary Lecturer, Centre for Civil Society and Governance at the University of Hong Kong

Staff Profile

Ir Dr. Elizabeth Hio Wa Lai is the Founder of Reconnect Limited, a Charity NGO specialised in environmental education and research. As a Professional Chartered Environmental Engineer with over 14 years of experience and having worked on various sustainability projects in the developing world such as South Africa, Bangladesh and Cambodia, these experiences drove her to reflect on the fundamental problem with the way human interact with the environment. She realised the problem lies with the lack of knowledge of the problem human created and the misconception of an individual’s inability to make any change. As such, Elizabeth is passionate about instilling positive value and teaching practical methods to solve real-life environmental problems. Hence she found Reconnect with a mission to establish as a professional Environmental Institute to empower the next generation in tackling environmental problems through education and research.

Elizabeth also holds an Honorary Lecturer position at the University of Hong Kong, Faculty of Social Science teaching master course modules on the topic of low carbon economy and environmental accounting. During her time as an environmental consultant, Elizabeth worked on many different projects such as Hong Kong International Airport Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the Third Runway Expansion, Food Waste Survey and Audit in the F&B sector for the Food Wise HK Campaign, Investigation on the sources and fates of Marine Refuse in Hong Kong etc.