Collaborative Leadership SchemePractical Workshop

Practical Workshop is an experiential training and learning programme aimed at building participants’ capabilities in advancing sustainability initiatives in their businesses through a train of practical activities conducted by leading professionals in the field of sustainable development. It is open to sustainability practitioners at all working levels. In this intensive 1-day event, they will reflect upon their experience, formulate an action plan to promote the sustainability cause in their organisation, and articulate the plan to peers for feedback. The Workshop is composed of ignite-talks, problem-solving exercises and interactive sessions:


Overview of the latest developments of a particular topic such as SME sustainability reporting, leadership for business sustainability action, and impact investing provided by practitioners with extraordinary experience in the field

Problem-solving exercises

Problem-based co-learning process for developing innovative and actionable solutions to real-life challenges encountered when implementing sustainability measures in organisations

Interactive sessions

Opportunities for exchange of ideas and potential collaboration among participants through informal discussion and mingling