Guru Case Series: Ms. Quince Chong (CLP Power Hong Kong Limited)

I believe in this new era of development, we need to leverage the advantages of technology to enhance customer experience in terms of service and product design.

According to figures, about 66% of Hong Kong’s carbon emissions come from the power industry, it shows that the power industry has a significant impact on Hong Kong’s road to zero carbon emissions. If the electric power industry can achieve net zero carbon emissions, it can help eliminate two-thirds of Hong Kong’s carbon emissions, however, to reach this revolutionary goal, it takes thoughtful planning and full support from the industry players, and it is clearly no shortcut in this.

CLP is one of the two electricity suppliers in Hong Kong, they have set an ambitious goal of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050. In this episode of the Guru Case series, the PSLB team took the opportunity to interview Ms. Quince Chong Wai-yan, JP, the Chief Corporate Development Officer and Director of CLP Power Hong Kong Limited, on how they are planning to reach this goal. Ms. Chong shared with us a clear vision and long-term business strategies across different areas, namely, technological advancement & innovation, customer relationship management as well as their talent building and corporate governance. All in all, these strategies are leading this time-honoured brand of 120 years to excel in sustainability. 

(Please see below for detailed question and content list)

00:00 – 02:25Introduction
02:27 – 4:54Workplace Culture
1) You have mentioned that the more senior you are, the more humble one should be. How do you promote this workplace culture?
2) Female representation in the workplace has increased in recent years. How can companies help bridge the gender gap and promote equality in the workplace?
4:47 – 6:26Innovation
3) How important do you think establishing and passing on corporate values are for long-term business development?
6:31 – 8:45Customer Supplier Relationship
4)Can you share a few examples demonstrating how CLP has worked with its value chain partners to strengthen its sustainability performance?
8:47 – 12:07Innovation
5)CLP has launched a number of innovative projects. How did the company come up with the ideas?
12:09 – 17:24Corporate Governance
6) According to the Corporate Governance Code of HKEX, listed companies should enhance the diversity of their Boards of Directors, Do you think board diversity is beneficial to the workplace?
7) Achieving carbon neutrality is inevitably in conflict with CLP’s main source of revenue. How did the company develop your climate vision 2050 and manage the expectations of different stakeholders?
8) How can CLP harness the new business opportunities arising from the energy transition and regional integration in the Greater Bay Area?
17:28 – 21:34Resrource Management
9) What operational adjustments did CLP make to align with the company’s overall approach to sustainability?