Social Innovations for Sustainable Communities (SISC) (on-going)

Perception and Behaviour on Sustainability and Social Entrepreneurship Intent

Incubation has come to be recognised as a central driver of innovation. Over the last few years, innovation based incubation has come to be seen as an effective means of development of social innovation. The research focuses on the three key levels: 1) On individual level: what are the effects of incubation programmes on potential individual catalysers? Will the individual traits be increased after intervention of the incubation programme? 2) On organisational level: what aspect(s) of the incubator is useful? How can we optimise the function of social business incubation? 3) On territorial wide level: Is the social entrepreneurship environment and its implications positively linked with the consumption behavior and willingness of becoming social entrepreneurs? Does examining people’s perception of sustainability help to enrich the current repertoire of explanations for the intention-behaviour gap in sustainability behaviour?

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