Visions for Hong Kong 2030-2050

It is a community-wide reflection of the vision of, and the needs for, Hong Kong 2030-2050. The objectives of this survey are to solicit community views regarding the sustainability vision/needs for Hong Kong 2030-2050; and the awareness and knowledge of the community on social entrepreneurship in Hong Kong. Adopting random sampling method that could capture key population characteristics in the sample, we aim to collect at least 1,000 responses from the permanent residents aged 15 or above in Hong Kong. The survey mainly covers:

Sustainability Envisioning
  • To identify a list of sustainability visions for Hong Kong 2030–2050
  • To assess the community needs and future challenges that aid to produce a wish list of goods and services for a sustainable lifestyle

Social Entrepreneurship in Hong Kong
  • To measure the level of awareness of social entrepreneurship in Hong Kong
  • To identify knowledge gap and intent of social entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurial Intent
  • To identify factors affecting social entrepreneurial intent in Hong Kong

Survey Findings – Highlights (Text Version) Survey Findings – Highlight (Graphical Version)

Survey Findings

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