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Citizen Scientist Programme

Citizen Scientist Programme is designed to invite members of the public to participate in our nature conservation scientific research! The programme engages local ecologists and scientists to train up amateur wildlife observers and students to assist in systematic ecological surveys and studies. Ecological data such as reptiles, freshwater fish, aquatic and terrestrial insects will be collected.

Photo Credit: Outdoor Wildlife Learning Hong Kong

citizen scientists programme of 3 themes:

  1. Eco-hunt Camping
  2. Forest Carbon Stock Event
  3. InsectBlitz Camp

Participants will be trained and they will be able to learn:-

  1. biodiversity monitoring strategies of different taxa groups and collect up-to-date information about species abundance and richness for the programme
  2. evaluation of conservation management measures 
  3. forest village resources and ecosystem research
  4. formulation of sustainable management plan

The “Citizen Scientist Programme - InsectBlitz Camp 2024” will be conducted in Chinese and details are only available in Chinese.