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Educational Events and Exhibitions


This programme will rehabilitate multiple cultural landscape features of Mui Tsz Lam and Kop Tong. The rich Hakka cultural assets associated with the site such as indigenous Hakka history and culture, vernacular architecture, terrace farming landscapes, traditional knowledge and folklore plants will be studied and incorporated into different public events for public education and appreciation purposes.

Talks, experiential workshops and eco-tours 

An array of thematic activities will be curated to allow the general public to experience the rural treasures of Forest Villages:

  • Thematic talks, experiential workshops on biodiversity, rural culture and art will be carried out for public education and appreciation;
  • An online interpretive information system will be created for public use;
  • Eco-touring packages will be designed for day and overnight campers to appreciate the natural beauty of Forest Villages.

(For the latest activities timetable, please stay tuned to our webpage and social media)

The details of talks, experiential workshops and eco-tours will be conducted in Chinese and details are only available in Chinese