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Farmland Restoration

Farmland in Kop Tong

Farmland in Mui Tsz Lam

The "Forest Village” programme is the first conservation management agreement project in Hong Kong that aims to conserve both habitats and landscapes in upland forest villages. The concept of “Forest Village Ecosystem” is proposed to enhance biodiversity and ecosystem services of the hosting village communities by restoring the mosaic pattern integrated with village, farmland, stream, forest and mountain.  

The programme team will gradually rehabilitate the abandoned farmland using environmentally-friendly methods. We hope to rejuvenate the farmlands in Mui Tsz Lam and Kop Tong with a joint effort between villagers and volunteers, and supported by modern and scientific farming practices.

Agroforestry and terrace farmland management

The management measures include:

  • Restoring and maintaining terrace structure;
  • Selective thinning to improve habitat structure and provide space for crop production and activities;
  • Organic crop production such as Chinese tea and shade-grown coffee, vegetables, fruits, native herbs and etc;
  • Farming related microhabitats creation for wildlife such as irrigation ditches, composting piles and etc.; and
  • Invasive species control

The"Forest Village Carambola Jam” will be conducted in Chinese and details are only available in Chinese.