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Co-creation of the Community

Social engagement workshop in the past

Target groups of general public education and community engagement programmes

Other than engaging the local communities and stakeholders, this programme will also expand the rural stewardship community, who contributes to conservation and management of the natural and cultural assets of the villages. The programme will target professional and interest groups such as scientists, architects, artists, environmental educators, and students as partners to re-envision and revive the natural and cultural resources together with the local communities, and to generate new rural capital for the villages’ sustainable development. The re-envisioning and reviving processes will emphasise environmental stewardship and sustainable use of resources.

Co-creation of village culture

The rich ecological and cultural resources of Mui Tsz Lam and Kop Tong offer great inspirations for artistic creation. The programme will engage artists, architects or landscape architects to reinvent rural capitals and co-create new village attractions with the local community at the two villages with the themes of celebrating local biodiversity and rural beauty. Given the success of  wall paintings at Mui Tsz Lam in attracting public interest, the co-created works are expected to draw further attention from visitors and media.

A series of participatory planning workshops will be carried out throughout the programme period to co-develop the conservation management plan and sustainable development ideas with communities of interests, including the indigenous communities, NGOs, architects, scientists and artists having keen interests on the future of Mui Tsz Lam and Kop Tong.

Community engagement & capacity building events

The programme will organize regular Indigenous community gatherings, keeping the villagers informed of the project progress and engaging them in decision-making for future plans. Capacity building trainings for local communities, including conservation management techniques, biodiversity identification and interpretation skills, mountain-craft and leadership techniques will also be carried out throughout the programme period.