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Volunteering Events and Training

The volunteer training workshop

An array of engagement events, workshops and training will be organised to encourage and empower interested citizens to serve as village volunteers to take part in conservation work of the natural and cultural--both tangible and intangible—rural capital. Training packages with a focus on interdisciplinary subjects and approaches, such as conservation theories and practice of cultural landscape and sustainable agriculture, will also be developed under the programme.

  • A village volunteer team will be formed to engage keen nature lovers, culture enthusiasts and hikers to participate in the conservation and education works at the villages;
  • The volunteer team will assist the programme team and the local communities to manage habitats, deliver education activities, repair artifacts and old structure, and support the establishment of the glamping site;
  • Capacity building training on interpretation, species identification, farming, traditional building and track repairing skills will be provided.

More Volunteering Events and Training will be conducted in Chinese and details are only available in Chinese.

Volunteer recruitment 2022 is closed now.