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Ecosystem Services Review

Photo Credit: Outdoor Wildlife Learning Hong Kong

The Programme will carry out a baseline inventory of forest village resources. The study aims to identify rich natural resources of Mui Tsz Lam and Kop Tong, and the existing and potential ecosystem services protected by the project. The information will be used to formulate sustainable management strategies for Mui Tsz Lam and  Kop Tong and other similar forest villages in Hong Kong. 

Key Approaches:

  • Expert surveys will be conducted to provide a good picture on the provisioning services (food, materials and traditional Chinese medicine) and supporting services of providing habitats for fauna and flora. 
  • Various surveys and citizen scientists programmes will provide information on pollination, seed dispersal and pest predation regulating services. 
  • The cultural services as a result of the variety of activities organised under this programme will also be measured.