An Organic and Fair Trade Mini-mart

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Lively Life 喜居生活 https://www.livelylifehk.com/

Incubated by the Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre (JCCAC), Lively Life is an online, interactive, economic platform and community. Its goal is to encourage responsible and sustainable consumption, by operating a mini-mart that sells fair trade and locally-produced daily necessities.

The Challenges
Globalised supply chains for food and products are often both environmentally damaging and socially irresponsible. According to a recent survey by the Hong Kong Consumer Council, Hong Kong people are increasingly willing to pay more for products that are locally produced and more sustainable. However, to encourage more sustainable production and consumption, a greater emphasis on providing credible local alternatives to consumers, coupled with educational campaigns to transform consumer behaviour is crucial.

The Solution
Originally developed and operated by the JCCAC, Lively Life is an online community platform and the operator of an organic and fair trade mini-mart. It aims to inspire behavioural change in consumers towards responsible and sustainable consumption, by selling fair trade and locally-produced alternatives to daily necessities. Products sold are packaging-free and include multiple types of rice, sugar, salt and flour, as well as skin and hair care products, which are not found in chain supermarkets and large corporate brands. Lively Life also operates a farmers’ market to further motivate local production and connect consumers with local producers who provide sustainable alternatives.

The Impact
Since its launch in 2015, Lively Life has gained independence from the JCCAC and now operates a physical store located in Wanchai. To maximise its exposure and social impact, Lively Life holds community kitchen events and workshops to train participants in home cooking and basic craftsmanship, encouraging self-sufficiency and reduce unsustainable and unnecessary purchases. Recent events include an Italian food cooking class, a sustainable cosmetics tutorial and an upcycling workshop on textile and cotton waste. Through these community events, Lively Life is also able to showcase the stories behind local Hong Kong production and emphasise the values of community development and sustainable consumption.