Providing High Performance Building including Energy Monitoring, Air Quality and Management Strategies

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Blue Sky Energy Technology https://www.blueskyenergy.co/

Blue Sky Energy Technology is a high performance building technology solution provider that leverages digital innovation to monitor, manage and audit the energy consumption and indoor environment of buildings. Its digital and mobile online platform collects real-time, multi-scale data on energy usage and building indoor environment, while an AI-driven engine analyses and predicts potential future usage based on past patterns. The company aims to optimise energy usage, indoor health conditions and help society transition to more sustainable and efficient energy use and a healthy indoor environment.

The Challenges
Buildings in Hong Kong account for over 90% of the city’s electricity consumption. An average person spends 90% of their time indoors. Tightening and encouraging more efficient energy use is crucial for the transition to a low-carbon society in order to curb excessive greenhouse gas emissions and minimise the impacts of climate change. The public is generally not aware of their personal energy consumption, indoor air quality and their patterns at their homes, offices, schools or universities. A major challenge is to increase the transparency and accessibility to energy and indoor data in order for the public to identify potential areas to cut down on energy use and increase energy savings.

The Solution
Blue Sky Energy Technology is a venture backed innovative company that leverages digital innovation to monitor, manage and audit the energy consumption and air quality of buildings. Its Internet of Things (IoT)-driven platform provides 24/7 monitoring of electricity usage and indoor air quality, and allows users to benchmark, compare and improve their usage habits and patterns over time. The platform collects data on building conditions and energy usage in real time, while a smart AI-driven approach is used to predict future energy usage based on past consumption patterns. An user alert and reporting service provides personalised recommendations to further ease the transition to more efficient energy use and better air quality. Blue Sky Energy Technology aims to optimise energy usage and become more sustainable and efficient energy use in homes, offices, schools and universities. To further inspire people to reduce their power consumption and increase knowledge in maintaining good indoor air quality, the company also holds regular advocacy engagement events and practical workshops at offices, schools and universities.

The Impact
Since its inception, over 4,000 people have attended the company’s engagement events, and the energy consumption patterns of over 400,000 sq. ft. of floor area across Hong Kong are now monitored by Blue Sky. The company estimated that, on average, users of their technology platform can expect to save 15% of their energy consumption. One of their largest user bases is the University of Hong Kong’s Jockey Club Student Village III, which includes the spaces of four colleges and residential halls. The company now monitors the energy usage patterns of over 1,000 rooms, 90 student lounges and its data are fully accessible to the over 1,800 residents. Blue Sky has also embarked on a series of engagement events to equip the students with the ability to analyse their energy patterns and knowledge of ways to reduce their energy consumption. Pilot results showed that energy consumption in certain areas were reduced by more than 20% and the residents’ awareness of energy use increased by 44%. Other high-profile adopters of Blue Sky’s platform are the property conglomerate such as New World Group, financial services company KPMG and reputable NGOs such as St. James’ Settlement.