Case Study

The Nepal Irrigation Institutions and Systems (NIIS) database compiles more than 200 case studies for the study of common‐pool resources and social‐ecological systems. The earliest cases date from the 1980’s and 1990s, with longitudinal data for these case studies being collected continuously over 3 decades. Previous meetings have concluded that NIIS database is an important source of information for the study of water management and, hence, should continue to be updated and maintained.

With the changing social-ecological systems in Nepal and the emergence of new challenges and uncertainties in Asia, there is a need for developing an Asian Irrigation Institutions and Systems (AIIS) database, building upon the structure, design and methods of NIIS. The AIIS database, which captures the eccentricity of irrigation systems across Asia, will enable researchers to conduct comparative analysis of water institutions and management, with particular reference to how water systems can be robust and resilient to shocks and disturbances. Geographical diversity within Asia will be a distinctive feature of the database which will cover irrigation systems from China, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand.

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