Asia is among one of the most dynamic regions in the world. The fundamentality of political and socioeconomic settings has been altered following the financial and economic turmoil in the region. The economic growth, infrastructure development and industrialization are swelling impacts on water resources in the form of resource degradation and social conflict at many stances.

Throughout Asia, degradation of natural resources is happening at an increasing rate and is a primary environmental concern. Recent tragedies associated with climate change have clear footprints on the land degradation and water course changing. A significant proportion of water resources are consumed through irrigation activities, where water resource degradation and water pollution are often the result of overexploitation and contamination by industrial users who make resource-use decisions based on a complex matrix of options and potential outcomes. Changes in irrigation activities ultimately affect the livelihood and well-being of both rural and urban communities.

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The Nepal Irrigation Institutions and Systems (NIIS) database compiles more that 200 case studies for the study of common-pool resources and social-ecological systems.

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