Commissioned Research and Consultancy

Collaboration and partnership are essential to sustainability transition. The Centre works closely with the public sector, the business and the non-profit organisations to accelerating change and progress towards sustainability. We provide customised research and consultancy services to organisations with the aim to build long-term resilience within the organisation as well as for the society as a whole.

Our services include:

Sustainability assessment and evaluation

Community and stakeholder engagement

Design thinking, innovation and incubation for sustainability

Policy research and diagnostic study on issues concerning sustainable communities

Review of corporate governance for sustainability

Please contact us via email at or telephone 3917-4767 / 3917-4768 so we understand your organisation’s needs and co-design with you the best solution.

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Tailor-made Corporate Training

Corporations are one of the most important change agents in leading employees and communities toward greater sustainability, yet the knowledge asymmetry within the organisation could be an impediment to making progress. 

Our professional team offers knowledge exchange on a myriad of themes that can fit your organisation’s needs and interests. Through the tailor-made corporate training, we can support your organisation to learn, adopt and embed sustainability principles, develop strategy, and action plans to ensure different business units within the organisation can play its part in addressing critical sustainability challenges.

  • A Systematic Approach to Sustainable Value Chain Management and Sustainability Action Planning
  • Circularity and resource management 
  • Workshop, seminar, capstone, residential training camp
  • The duration will vary depend on the training objectives and content
Get in touch:

If your corporation is interested to learn more about the tailor-made corporate training, please email us at or telephone 3917-4767 / 3917-4768 for more information.

Tailor-made Corporate Training Showcase