The work of the Centre is grounded upon an appreciation of, and a commitment to, a knowledge-based approach to collaborating and engaging with the community in pursuit of a sustainable future for all.

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The sustainability agenda in fact goes beyond the Environment aspect but also manifested in terms of Social, Economy and Governance.
This 4-episode video series duped as ‘There is an old saying…’, will dissect four key approaches to promote sustainable development in our action projects, namely, Social Innovation, Collaboration & Partnership, Engagement & Empowerment, and Reinvention of Social Resources. We hope this series will inspire the public to rethink how we, as a member of our society, can participate in the change process.
‘There is an old saying...’First Episode

The 1st episode featured Kai Yeung, who was born with autism, sharing how the online one-stop matching platform under the ‘Jockey Club Collaborative Project for Inclusive Employment’ showcases his talent in drawing and promoting inclusive employment at the same time.

‘There is an old saying...’Second Episode

The 2nd episode takes our audiences down the memory lane around Sai Ying Pun, and explores one of the social enterprises ‘Time To Gold’ supported by the Social Innovations for Sustainable Communities project. The founders creatively leverage the idle manpower in the society to reinvent traditional sweets to become trendy again.

‘There is an old saying...’Third Episode

In this episode, it is all about business. The host interviewed the participating corporates of the Sustainable Value Chains Commitment and SMEs Sustainability Leadership Recognition Scheme under the Partnership for Sustainability Leadership in Business team. Representatives from ARTA Architects and Nan Fung Group shared with us their thoughts on how corporations can play a role in advancing sustainable development as a whole through cross-sectoral collaboration.

‘There is an old saying...’Forth Episode

The last episode we took our audiences to explore the rural side of Hong Kong. Apart from experiencing the Hakka culture, we also get to see how the HSBC Rural Sustainability Programme can bring changes to the villages.