Social Innovation Incubation Programme for Inclusive Employment 2022
10th June 2022 (Friday)

The Jockey Club Collaborative Project for Inclusive Employment is launching the “Social Innovation Incubation Programme for Inclusive Employment” between June and November this year. We would like to invite different community actors and organizations who are passionate about facilitating inclusive employment for people with disabilities to participate in our Programme. Through the Programme participants can enhance their understanding for employment and service channels currently available to people with intellectual disabilities, as well as interact with relevant stakeholders, to expand their resources and network on the topic and therefore generate innovative and influential proposals contributing to inclusive employment.

Programme details are as follow:

Theme:Facilitation of Employment for People with Intellectual Disabilities
Target Participants:Business executives, NGO managers, community actors, students, and members of the public who are interested in the cause of social inclusion
Content:Inclusive Employment Experiential Series(June – July 

To understand the career needs of people with intellectual disabilities, and to understand currently available services and potential opportunities provided by schools, welfare departments, self-help groups and corporates.


Design Thinking Workshop (August)

Ideation of services / projects promoting employment for people with intellectual disabilities through design thinking.


Idea Development (September)

Participants will submit their innovative proposals for screening, in which the organizer will choose the ones with the most development potentials for the next stage


Pitching Activities (October – November)

The organizer will invite a team of consultants to provide consultation and resource-matching opportunities for the shortlisted proposals


Deadline:June 10, 2022 (Friday), 12:00NN


Click here to join the Programme.


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