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Social Innovations for Sustainable Communities (SISC) (on-going)

Perception and Behaviour on Sustainability and Social Entrepreneurship Intent

  • Incubation has come to be recognised as a central driver of innovation. Over the last few years, innovation based incubation has come to be seen as an effective means of development of social innovation.  The research focuses on the three key levels: 1) On individual level: what are the effects of incubation programmes on potential individual catalysers? Will the individual traits be increased after intervention of the incubation programme? 2) On organisational level: what aspect(s) of the incubator is useful? How can we optimise the function of social business incubation? 3) On territorial wide level: Is the social entrepreneurship environment and its implications positively linked with the consumption behavior and willingness of becoming social entrepreneurs? Does examining people’s perception of sustainability help to enrich the current repertoire of explanations for the intention-behaviour gap in sustainability behaviour?
  • Enquiries may be directed to Dr Vivian Chu

HSBC Rural Sustainability (on-going)

Sustainability Assessment Framework

  • As an essentially integrative concept, sustainability has commonly been regarded as the prolong interplay between economic, social and environmental systems. Our assessment framework goes beyond the triple bottom line assessment and offers practical guidance to identify, assess and measure key impacts of a project or intervention. The proposed assessment framework is being piloted on the Programme’s own initiatives and activities. The assessment results generated can help key actors and stakeholders to understand and communicate the shared value created in the context of sustainability, thus improving the cooperation among all parties to attain satisfactory project sustainability performance.
  • Enquiries may be directed to Dr Vivian Chu

Rural Community Revitalization Manual 

  • This manual is compiled with the aim of offering practitioners, researchers and students a comprehensive understanding of the intricate processes involved in the reconstruction of vibrant rural communities. The issues and complexities embedded in the process of rebuilding the dynamic interdependent relationships between human and the natural environment will be systematically discussed. The manual will not only be based upon insights from the Lai Chi Wo rural revitalization programme but also from other case studies, especially from the Asian context.
  • Enquiries may be directed to Dr Vivian Chu

ExCEL3 (Excellence in Capacity-building on Entrepreneurship and Leadership for the Third-sector)

  • Citizenship and Giving
  • NGO Leadership and Governance
  • Effective Philanthropy in private foundations

Sustainable Lai Chi Wo: Living Water & Community Revitalization – An Agricultural-led Action, Engagement and Incubation Programme at Lai Chi Wo (2013 – 2017)

Biodiversity assessment and monitoring programme

  • The research aims to 1) establish a baseline of the terrestrial and freshwater biodiversity of Lai Chi Wo covering vascular plants, mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles, butterflies, dragonflies, freshwater fishes and invertebrates; and 2) identify local biodiversity hotspots in Lai Chi Wo and provide habitat management recommendations
  • Enquiries may be directed to Dr Billy Hau

Hydrology in ungauged catchments

  • The research explores a systematic simulation method that is able to project the severities of flood extremes in Lai Chi Wo. A numerical hydrological model was calibrated using rainfall and stream flow data collected on-site at Lai Chi Wo. The findings could inform the possibility and frequency of flood extremes for better farm and village planning work in order to reduce risks to farmers and villagers. This systematic method would also be applicable to other ungauged catchments in the world having similar flood conditions.
  • Enquiries may be directed to Dr Ji Chen


Giving Hong Kong 2016-2017 (2019)

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A Study on Ethnic Minorities’ Awareness and Satisfaction towards Selected Public Services (a joint project with Policy 21 Ltd.) (2017 – 2018)

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Open Employment Challenges for Intellectually-disabled Youth in Hong Kong (2017 – 2018)

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International Civic and Citizenship Education Study in Hong Kong (a joint project with Policy 21 Ltd.) (2016 – 2018)

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ExCEL3 (Excellence in Capacity-building on Entrepreneurship and Leadership for the Third-sector)

  • Organizational Transformations and Strategic Leadership of Social Service Nonprofits (2013)
  • Qualitative Health Research: Mental Health Risks in the Local Workforce Engaged in Disaster Relief and Reconstruction (2012)
  • Governing Effectiveness of Nonprofit Boards: A Systematic Review of Research in the Past 10 Years (2012)
  • Effect of Physical Restraint Reduction on Older Patients’ Hospital Length of Stay (2012)