Forest Village – Mui Tsz Lam and Kop Tong sustainable village programme
  • By Kary
  • October 31, 2023
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Forest Village – Mui Tsz Lam and Kop Tong sustainable village programme

The Forest Village programme, built upon the principle of environmental stewardship, aims to conserve, revitalise and enhance the natural, cultural and landscape values of Mui Tsz Lam and Kop Tong. The villages will be revived as “Forest Villages”, a common term that describes settlements with forest as the dominant and provisioning habitat, through restoration of farmlands, enhancement of habitats, and adaptive repurposing of village assets. A collaborative and participatory approach will be employed to engage stakeholders—villagers, members of non- profits, scientists, architects, artists and interested citizens—in an array of conservation activities through which they will acquire knowledge, skills, and commitment to take up the role of the guardians of the forest villages.

This is a first-of-its-kind project in Hong Kong that focuses on upland forest conserving both natural and cultural landscapes as an integrated and holistic living heritage.

The programme aims to:

  1. 1. Restore a mosaic of “Forest Village Ecosystem” land uses to enhance biodiversity and ecosystem services
  2. 2. Conserve upland forest species and protect their habitats
  3. 3. Formulate sustainable management strategies and promote an adaptive repurposing of tangible and intangible rural assets to support the sustainable development of the villages
  4. 4. Foster a sense of community stewardship and facilitate collective local actions among stakeholders in nature and cultural conservation