Inclusive employment
  • By Michelle
  • November 17, 2023
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Inclusive employment

The World Bank defines social inclusion as “the process of improving the ability, opportunity, and dignity of people, disadvantaged on the basis of their identity, to take part in society.”  It is a critical part of a sustainable society where all members are meaningfully engaged, irrespective of age, gender, race, ethnic background, and ability:
  • Inclusive employment for PWD (Dr. Elaine CHAN* and Professor Wai-Fung LAM)

Hong Kong society often sees people with disabilities (PWD) as underdogs and emphasizes their disabilities while overlooking their abilities, hence, higher unemployment and underemployment rates than the general population. We recognize that having a job is important to the PWD as it brings not only income but enables the PWD to contribute and participate in society. However, social inclusion is more than giving people a job; it is also about opportunity and dignity. This research focuses on inclusive employment of PWD with special attention given to four dimensions. First, to identify policy and service gaps that may hamper PWD-inclusive employment. Second, to track society’s PWD-inclusive attitudes. Third, the business community’s attitudes to and readiness for PWD-inclusive employment. Last, to determine if collaborative efforts of NGOs are more effective in promoting inclusive employment than individual efforts.