Sustainability transitions in peri-urban areas
  • By Michelle
  • November 17, 2023
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Sustainability transitions in peri-urban areas

The revitalisation and management of peri-urban areas entail a wide range of challenges. A large portion of these areas are ecological sensitive land culturally rich settlements and involves a host of stakeholders with differing, and sometimes competing, objectives. Specific studies include the cultivation of individual’s sense of rural stewardship, the effect of leadership and collaboration on trust building, and the examination on different policy regimes for rural revitalisation under different political system:

  • Collaborative dynamics in revitalisation transitions at the peri-urban interface (Dr. Winnie LAW, Dr. Emily PAN* and Dr. Jessica WILLIAMS)

Stakeholder dynamics over the revitalisation transition process can provide insights into how the overall process unfolds, prominent actors and institutions and how diverse interests and objectives can be overcome and consensus reached.  Of particular research interest are events, actors or institutions that are revealed to be influential on the structure and dynamics of collaborations, and the impact of these factors on the final sustainability and community outcomes.

  • Rural revitalisation policy regimes (Professor Wai-Fung LAM, Dr. Theresa LORENZO* and Dr. Jessica WILLIAMS)

Despite facing many similar challenges, rural revitalisation policy regimes designed to address these challenges may be shaped different by the political system of each jurisdiction, leading to diverging rural revitalisation actions. This study examines the involvement and interaction dynamics between communities, civil society and national governments in rural development policy in the Asia Pacific region.  

  • Regional rural sustainability (Professor Wai-Fung LAM, Dr. Theresa LORENZO, and Dr. Jessica WILLIAMS*)

Research using multiple case study comparison is being undertaken to more deeply explore and understand rural revitalisation collaborations in the Asia Pacific Region.  This includes developing understandings regarding the factors necessary for successful revitalisation initiatives, including insights into the different dimensions of success itself, and how these factors can differ according to political structures and the historical context of regional jurisdictions.  This research will also provide further insights into how leadership, along with associated dynamics, can shape collaborative endeavours and build mutual trust.     

  • Rural stewardship (Dr. Vivian CHU*, Dr. Winnie LAW and Dr. Jessica WILLIAMS)

While stewardship is not a new concept, and its application to the environmental realm is gaining traction, little is understood about the operation and application of stewards in the rural context. This research integrates understandings from environmental and place-based stewardship, environmental literacy and citizenship to develop the concept of rural stewardship.