Social Innovations for Sustainable Communities’ Learning Programme is re-launching!

Initiated by the Social Entrepreneurship and Civic Action Lab of the Centre for Civil Society and Governance at The University of Hong Kong, the “Social Innovations for Sustainable Communities” Programme (the Programme) aims to enrich and expand the frontier of the ecosystem for social entrepreneurship in Hong Kong with a view to preparing the community for meeting long-term local sustainability challenges, and crowdsourcing ideas and actions through incubating a corps of intergenerational “sustainability catalysers” consisting of young professionals and young old. The Programme connects different sectors for collective action to encourage re-thinking of how existing processes of resource allocation and utilization can be reconfigured to create new possibilities and blended values. The Programme is supported by Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited.


Apart from our incubation and funding scheme, our most popular Learning Programme series has invited numerous VIP speakers to have interactive dialogues with participants regarding the latest trend and happenings in the social innovation sector! We have included topics such as the latest trend of social innovation, how does the sector face challenges in the midst of challenging times, strategies for fund application, business modelling, design thinking, and blended values! You will undoubtedly be equipped as a social innovator after joining the Programme. Don’t miss the chance and join us now!


Programme Details: https://ccsg.hku.hk/sisc/incubation-lp.php#incubation-lp-cohort2

Application: https://ccsg-hku.surveycake.biz/s/NwVLL


Remark 1: Live streaming with limited face-to-face quotas on a first-come-first-served basis

Remark 2: Learning Programme (3) Design Thinking in Action is themed “empathizing colour blinded people”. The session will be conducted face-to-face only