Social Entrepreneurship and Civic Action Lab


It strives to understand and foster community based collective action as a vehicle for building and utilizing human ingenuity and building social capital. In particular, we seek to nurture social entrepreneurship with a focus on blending social and economic values through fostering various social ventures and commoning endeavors.


The project adopts a stakeholder-based and collaborative approach to attaining inclusive employment.  Through embedding NGOs that provide services and support to people with disabilities (PWD) within larger community efforts, building platforms to connect and empower interested individuals and organizations from different sectors, and fostering collaboration and a culture of inclusive employment, we seek to expedite a paradigm shift towards an inclusive society in which PWD can contribute and fully participate in society just as every other member.  In collaboration with the four key NGO partners – St. James’ Settlement, Heep Hong Society, SAHK and CareER, the project will focus on i) conducting a diagnostic study of inclusive employment and social inclusion; ii) engaging members of the community and key stakeholders to participate in a community-wide re-visioning exercise to reflect upon what inclusive employment and social inclusion entail; iii) forming an information commons for accessing and sharing information; and iv) building an action platform to empower talents, incubate ideas, leverage resources and form working networks. The project is funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust with a grant of HK$14 million.

A three-year programme that aims to enrich and expand the frontier of the ecosystem for social entrepreneurship in Hong Kong with a view to preparing the community to cope with sustainability challenges facing Hong Kong 2030-2050, by empowering the crowdsourcing of ideas and actions from intergenerational young professionals and retired young old. The programme pertains not only to involving and connecting government, businesses, nonprofits and community groups for collective action; it entails critical re-thinking of how existing processes of resource allocation and utilization can be reconfigured so as to create new possibilities and blended values. Systemic support is put in place to sustain the continual development of social entrepreneurial tools, incubation of sustainability catalyzers, and establishment of incubation platform.