Lai Chi Wo, Hong Kong
Yi xian, Anhui
Pinglin District, New Taipei City
Naeng Mut village, Surin

What's New?

Vision and Mission

PROMOTE nature-based solutions
rural-urban linkage
CREATE strong regional network for the future attainment of rural sustainability


Forming an essential part of the project, member universities are invited to conduct landscape research to document, analyze, and assess various rural sustainability efforts that have taken place in respective countries/cities. Findings of the studies will contribute to a better understanding of the diverse pathways to rural sustainability in Asia-Pacific, and coalesce into an Asia-Pacific model of rural sustainability which can be used to inform policy innovations and action partnerships in the region and beyond.

Regional Consortium


The success of AIRI hinges on effective collaboration between members of the consortium, and also the members’ ability to form networks of local partners in respective countries/regions. Other than engaging in regional collaborations of knowledge generation, dissemination and application, each of these institutions will play the role of an intermediary. They will help implement the Fellowship Scheme and empowerment programme in their respective countries/regions through identifying potential candidates for the Fellowship Scheme, organizing activities and residencies, and providing knowledge and logistic supports. They will also reach out to form local networks of partnerships with key players and stakeholders to disseminate knowledge and foster actions in rural sustainability.


The AIRI Urban-Rural Sustainability Fellowship is a core knowledge exchange component of the AIRI programme. It is a one-year change fellows incubation programme focuses on rural sustainability issues at the peri-urban context. It provides a slew of online and experiential learning opportunities to equip Change Fellows with the knowledge and skills required to address rural sustainability challenges in the Asia-Pacific region.