Master of Social Sciences in Sustainability Leadership and Governance 2022 Career Talk cum Programme Briefing
2021 年 1 月 14 日 (星期四)
18:30 - 20:30

Sustainability pathways: Design your future career

Join us for a lively discussion with two of Hong Kong’s prominent sustainability professionals!

All things sustainability – climate change, diversity and inclusion, biodiversity, sustainable finance, ESG disclosures – are top of mind for many as they contemplate their next steps of their career. As you consider the current demand for transformational change and how you may contribute, join us for an evening where various options for a career in this field are explored. Find out how you can enhance your skill set, shape your career in the direction you choose, and enable your desire to make a difference in society through your professional credentials.  Our guest speakers will demonstrate how you can contribute to the field of sustainability in an impactful way, while learning about their pathway from different core disciplines.

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(只提供英文版) This course focuses on introducing the basic concept and understanding of sustainable agriculture for pursuing economically viable, environmentally sound and socially responsible agriculture.
(只提供英文版) Many governments around the world have now considered rural revitalisation an important strategic policy measure to combat global challenges such as urban-rural divide, climate change, and the degradation of natural resources and cultural heritage. So far, most rural revitalisation efforts have focused on disparate challenges faced by rural communities, including the demographic, socio-economic and environmental ones. A more integrated approach which emphasizes the importance of developing long-term resilience and robustness of local communities in dealing with external shocks and disturbances is key to successful rural revitalisation. This regional forum provides a platform for academics and practitioners to share and discuss how innovation and collaboration can help build robustness and resilience of rural communities. Distinguished keynote speakers from Asia-Pacific, who are experts in the academia, nonprofits, social enterprises, and food conglomerates, will share their insights and perspectives on the topic.