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Centre for Civil Society and Governance (CCSG) at The University of Hong Kong was the first research centre in Hong Kong dedicated to enhancing our knowledge of civil society—its nature, constituents, dynamics, roles (in particular its contribution toward governance)—and to contributing to the attainment of a sustainable society through forging community-based, innovative solutions to inform policy deliberation and collective action.

Team Members

Research and support staff

Professor Wai-Fung Lam

Director, Centre for Civil Society and Governance

Dr Winnie Law

Deputy Director and Principal Lecturer, Centre for Civil Society and Governance

Ms Katie Chick

Assistant Director, Centre for Civil Society and Governance

Ms Sianna Yiu

Senior Project Officer, Centre for Civil Society and Governance

Dr Theresa Marie Lorenzo

Honorary Fellow, Centre for Civil Society and Governance

Dr Jessica Marie Williams

Honorary Fellow, Centre for Civil Society and Governance

Dr Taihua Hu

Senior Project Officer, Centre for Civil Society and Governance

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