Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee was established with the aim to enhance the academic rigor and practical relevance of the Centre’s work and contribution.


  1. To advise the Director of the Centre for Civil Society and Governance on the strategic development of the Centre in accordance with the University’s mission and vision, the needs of the society at large, and academic themes of global importance;
  2. To identify opportunities for collaboration and resources to support the work of the Centre; and
  3. To comment on the scope and nature of the Centre’s research, academic programmes, knowledge exchange and other related activities.


Given the multi-disciplinary nature of the work of the Centre, members of the Advisory Committee include reputable academics as well as renowned practitioners and leaders in the public, nonprofit, corporate and social sectors from Hong Kong and the international community.

Dr. Sarah LIAO
(Committee Chair)

Ms Quince CHONG

Professor LAM Kin Che

Dr. Patrick POON

Professor Aseem PRAKASH

Professor Shui Yan TANG