EventsIdea Jamming Session (October 11 & 28, 2022)

Commitment and Recognition Scheme 2022 – Idea Jamming Session (Oct 11 & 28, 2022)

In October 2022, Two Idea Jamming Sessions were organized by the Partnership for Sustainability Leadership in Business (PSLB) Programme under the Centre for Civil Society and Governance (CCSG) of The University of Hong Kong.

Targeting the Gold Recognition in our one-year sustainability journey, participated company representatives from each group in the scheme joined forces to develop a capstone project on circularity. Through hands-on activities and breakout discussions, this event allows participants to understand the circularity problem, identify key issues, and brainstorm ideas with reference to the industry’s best practices.

The first session began with the organizer sharing with our participants the concept of design thinking, which encourages them to think out of the box when looking at the sustainability challenges and circularity problems that they are facing. By learning how to empathize with stakeholders and define the pain points, we are working step-by-step with both the SVCs and SMEs to create the building blocks of a sustainability strategy for their businesses.

Carrying on what we learned about the Design Thinking process in the last session, the second session started off to identify pain points from the waste-related problems the company is currently facing. By conducting Silent Brainstorming, participants in each breakout group contributed their ideas for the problem statement they choose to solve. Leveraging the Ease Benefit Matrix, each group eventually picked an idea that provides the highest benefit and is most implementable.

The organizer also invited guests from the following F&B businesses and start-ups to share their insights on resource circularity.
(in alphabetical order of organization name)

Wishing the participants all the best for turning their ideas into real actions!