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From Cities to Rural   Feel the serenity of “Village Living” at Home

“Village Fest” is an annual celebration hosted by the “HSBC Rural Sustainability Programme”. This year, it will be held virtually from December 2020 to February 2021.

Titled “Stay-Home Village Fest 2020”, this year’s “Village Fest” is jointly planned by the Policy for Sustainability Lab in Centre of Civil Society and Governance, The University of Hong Kong, alongside local communities in Lai Chi Wo and Mui Tsz Lam. Numerous creative online activities await for participants to experience the extraordinary vitalities of local rural villages at home.

To accommodate pandemic-measures, the “Stay-Home Village Fest 2020” will be launched in four exciting series, including “Village's Nature”, “Self-guided Village Tour”, “Tales of Villagers”, and “Rural Workshops at Home”. Through the internet, the festival hopes to connect cities to the sustainable #VillageLifestyle of Lai Chi Wo and Mui Tsz Lam communities, in sharing the joyous essence of life.

The Lai Chi Wo Rural Revitalisation Project has been awarded the prestigious “Special Recognition for Sustainable Development” in the 2020 “UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation”. Through “Stay-Home Village Fest 2020”, we hope to further promulgate our sustainable development vision and encourage everyone to act in accord with this aspiration. Click here to learn more about this conservation project.


Village Fest Online Programme Release Platform (In Chinese)

“Village Fest” Season 2 will start from the mundane wisdoms and experiences of Hakka people’s “Stay Home” lives. Through broadcasting Lai Chi Wo and Mui Tsz Lam’s natural and cultural landscapes on-air, the rural rituals of food, folk art, and wisdoms will be delivered to your doors hot and fresh for you to immerse in the great joy of “Village Living”, stay-home style.

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Watch the Village Fest programme (Starting in January 2021)

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Self-Guided Village Tour Map

Explore the allure of a rural life-in-revival and embark on a journey with this self-guided tour map, delving deep into the unique cultural and natural landscapes of Lai Chi Wo, Mui Tsz Lam and Kop Tong!

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