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Lai Chi Wo Experiential Learning Programme


“Experiential learning can help students explore their interests, clarify their values, and test their knowledge and skills in new settings and in real-life situations.” 1

Co-organised by the Conservancy Association and the Centre for Civil Society and Governance under the University of Hong Kong, the Lai Chi Wo Experiential Learning Programme (“the Programme”) aims to provide primary and secondary students in Hong Kong with opportunities to explore rural sustainability and cultural landscape through 1-day experiential learning at Lai Chi Wo (“LCW”).

Located in the northeast of the New Territories, near Plover Cove Country Park, LCW is a Hakka village with a history dating back to the 17th century.  It is one of the best cultural landscape showcases in Hong Kong with considerable cultural and environmental significance.  The rural revitalisation programme at LCW has also been awarded the prestigious Special Recognition for Sustainable Development in the 2020 UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation, making Lai Chi Wo a suitable and all-around site for learning topics related to sustainable development.


Learning Topics

This experiential learning Programme includes a general tour to understand the historical background and culture of LCW. It also covers four topics: Ecology, Geography, Sustainable Agriculture, and Living Heritage.  Participating groups may select a maximum of 2 themes for their visit to LCW. These learning activities are designed by the HKU and Conservancy Association.


LCW is well-known for its tranquil environment and rich wildlife.  This topic  will introduce the natural environment of LCW with a focus on its diverse habitats.  Trainees will also be equipped with basic ecological knowledge and survey technique. Learning elements include:

  • Natural environment of LCW
  • Characteristics and wildlife of one of the four habitat types: Fung Shui Wood, stream, coastal, and farmland
  • Experience in ecological activities in one of the four habitat types: Fung Shui Wood, stream, coastal and farmland

LCW and its surrounding area is part of the Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark.  Although LCW has no magnificent geological landscape, its well-blended geological features, local culture and history have made it a special place for visitors.  This learning activity will introduce LCW from the perspective of geography, with the following contents:

  • Geographical setting and physical environment of LCW
  • Geological and cultural history of LCW and its adjoining areas
  • LCW and sustainable development
Sustainable Agriculture

Agriculture production systems are facing multiple challenges arising from the increasing food demand; degradation of the environment; and climate change.  Global attention has turned to sustainable agriculture practices, which consider all the dimensions of sustainability (environmental, social and economic) in both the supply and demand side in order to meet the current and future needs. Key learning topics include:

○ Basic concepts of sustainable agriculture 

○ Application of sustainable agriculture practices in LCW 

○ Experiential farming opportunities at our farms in LCW

Interested schools, universities, community groups, corporates, and non-government organisations are welcome to contact us for more details on learning programmes and teaching materials.

Enquiries: 3917 4905 / ruralsd@hku.hk