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Rural in Action Start-up Scheme Projects

Cook.Book in Nam Chung

Organises parent-child activities that combine cooking and reading, and engages grassroot ladies to lead the activities.

Project Proponent:  Rolling Books

Partner Organisation: Festyle, Partnership for Eco-Agriculture and the Conservation of Earth

Project PIC: Chong James Kwok Tung

Bright Bird Biodynamic CSA

Grows crops using the biodynamic method and sells them to urban subscribers using the community-supported agriculture (CSA) approach.

Project Team: Bruce Yeung, Tiffany Ho

 Bright Bird Biodynamic


Pu Giong Zii

Uses appropriate technology to grow and utilise Vitex negundo, a kind of shrub commonly used by Hakka villagers, to make innovative products for sale.

Project Team: Hao Lap Yan Benjamin, Tam Mei Yin Clare

 埔姜仔 pu giong zii

Au Law Organic Commons

Establishes an online platform for purchasing and delivering organic vegetables to build a closer relationship between farmers and customers.

Project Team: Wong Yu Wing, Choi Pui Hang, Wong Lee Hing, Chan Yat Sing, Cheung Jesse Nai Yan, Chung Sin Man, Wong Lee Wah

 AuLaw Organic Commons

 AuLaw Organic Farm

Bring Back Earth Plaster Wall

Makes use of natural materials such as mud to develop an earth plaster for furnishing the walls of urban and rural homes.

Project Team: Chingling, Emma Liao, Loky Leung, Ben Tan



A Pearl Treasure

Uses innovative technology to revitalise the old and idle fishing rafts in Sam Mun Tsai for sustainable seafood production, and provides ecological education programmes and fisherfolk culture experiencial activities to the public. 

Project Team: Law Shing Chiu, Lee Yuen Sing

 A Pearl Treasure

Fruitable Hong Kong

Starts a brand to raise awareness on locally grown fruits and ultimately, build a stronger bonding between fruit farmer communities and Hong Kong people through cultures and stories.

Project Team: Sion, Irina, Tszyiu, Christopher

Circular Urban Mushroom Farm

Produces edible mushrooms in urban area from used coffee ground. The spent mushroom substrate will become mushroom compost for local farms.

Project Team: Leung Nga Yan

Upcycled Scent Project

Creates scented products using locally farmed raw materials to promote community development with artistic expression.

Project Proponent:  Aroma Office

Partner Organisation: Hung Yat Farm

Project Team: Johnny Lo, Jeanie Choi

Hong Kong Indigo Re-cultivation Project

Rehabilitates Indigo plant species and aims to establish a local Six-level Industrial Chain for Indigo dyeing – Production (1st level) x Processing (2nd level) x Service (3rd level). 

Project Proponent:  Indigood House

Project Team: Eric Cheung, Jacqueline Shum