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The Sustainable Lai Chi Wo Programme started its new phase HSBC Rural Sustainability on October 01, 2017. Turning a new page, the Programme now focuses on mobilising actions of the community by socio-economic models emphasising the role of the community for the benefit of the wider Hong Kong community. Based upon a collaborative and solidarity approach, these models will strengthen a viable sustainability model that can be replicated by nearby villages and similar rural areas in the region.

Latest News: “HSBC Rural Sustainability Programme” wins the HKU Faculty Knowledge Exchange (KE) Awards 2023

“HSBC Rural Sustainability Programme” has won the HKU Faculty KE Awards 2023 with its impact on enhancing civil society’s capacity and readiness for sustainability attainment using Rural Revitalisation as the action domain. You may find out more about the Project and its impact with this link.

The Faculty Knowledge Exchange (KE) Awards were introduced in 2011 to recognise each Faculty’s outstanding KE accomplishment that has made demonstrable economic, social or cultural impacts to benefit the community, business/industry, or partner organisations. The selection criteria include quality of the underpinning research and the impact with support of evidence, effectiveness of the engagement process with the community or partner organisations, and demonstration of cross- and multi-disciplinary impacts.

Congratulations to the inter-disciplinary team:
Professor Wai Fung Lam and team members – Dr Winnie Wai Yi Law, Ms Katie Hiu Lai Chick, Mr Ryan Siu Him Leung, Ms Sianna Si In Yiu, Ms Vivian Hoi Shan Leung, Dr Taihua Hu, Ms Iris Pui Yee Man, Mr Leo Ying Yin Li, Ms Yiying Zhang, Dr Vivian Ho Yee Chu, Dr Jessica Marie Williams and Dr Sarah Sau Tung Liao, Centre for Civil Society and Governance; Dr Billy Chi Hang Hau and Professor David Dudgeon, School of Biological Sciences; Professor Ji Chen, Department of Civil Engineering.