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The Sustainable Lai Chi Wo Programme started its new phase HSBC Rural Sustainability on October 01, 2017. Turning a new page, the Programme now focuses on mobilising actions of the community by socio-economic models emphasising the role of the community for the benefit of the wider Hong Kong community. Based upon a collaborative and solidarity approach, these models will strengthen a viable sustainability model that can be replicated by nearby villages and similar rural areas in the region.

[Latest News: “HSBC Rural Sustainability Programme” wins UN-Habitat Asian Townscape Awardslaugh]

“HSBC Rural Sustainability Programme” has been selected to be one of the 11 winning projects for the 2021 Asian Townscape Awards (ATA). ATA was initiated by UN-HABITAT’s Regional Office for Asia and Pacific, Asian Habitat Society, Fukuoka Asian Urban Research Center and Asia Townscape Design Society in 2010 to honour projects that effectively enhance living environment through urban transformation in Asian cities. The jury commended that the HSBC Rural Sustainability Programme “revived a devastated rural village into an ideal farm. The various organizations brought out the vitality of the people. We also focused on the interaction between rural and urban areas to make it sustainable”.