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Agriculture was once a very important industry for Hong Kong, especially before 1980s. It was also an indispensable part of local rural village culture. The decline of the agricultural industry in Hong Kong due to globalization of agricultural products and economic restructuring contributed to the loss of population and economic vibrancy of rural areas. Rural revitalisation could not be achieved without tackling the sustainable development of local agriculture.



The agricultural revitalisation strategy includes the incubation of two new socio-economic models to enhance the long-term sustainability of rural villages and climate resilience of our city:



TinYeah is an active partner for eco-production. They provide support in product development, brand building and facilitate farmers-producers-consumers communication on thematic and seasonal food related issues.


Eco-agriculture model

The eco-agriculture model aims to achieve an agricultural productivity level that sustains a viable local economy for the community while adopting nature-friendly and regenerative agricultural methods. Mixed farming and Agroforestry techniques are employed to create more diverse, productive and ecologically-enhanced land use system at Lai Chi Wo. The application of agroforestry as well as biochar experiment enhance the carbon sequestration of the farming system and improve climate resilience. The model involves building a partnership among farm operators, ecologists, agricultural experts and land holders in order to incubate a new mode of sustainable agriculture model suitable for Hong Kong. 

The Farm

Operated by the project team, a project farm has been established on a revitalized 10,000 square meter farmland as a hub for agroforestry research, product development, and training. The farm produces various crops, including coffee, ginger, turmeric, winter melon, and radishes. We also offer training and placement opportunities for individuals passionate about joining the agricultural industry. For more information, please contact us at 3917 4905 or ruralsd@hku.hk.  

The establishment of the farm was supported by Hongkong Bank Foundation. Since Oct 2017, the farm has been part of the conservation area under the " Management Agreement Scheme at Lai Chi Wo Enclave ," offering a nature-friendly agricultural environment for diverse wildlife species.





Co-factory Model

The lack of processing support is one of the challenges in Hong Kong’s agricultural development. A new form of crop processing model is being developed to facilitate the crop production of Lai Chi Wo and, most importantly, to explore the socio-economic sustainability of local crop processing industry. A chain of Production-Processing-Marketing is formed by engaging farmers, producers, marketers and customers in the development of new farm products. The partnership could enhance production efficiency, and also promote stronger producer and consumer responsibility for our society.


Training and placement opportunities are provided for passionate individuals who are eager to support the development of local agriculture and processing business. For details, please contact 3917 4905 / ruralsd@hku.hk


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