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Homey Mui Tsz Lam

For the Hakka village of Mui Tsz Lam, “Home” is more than the houses. The terrace farms, river, Fungshui forest are all parts of the “Home”. 

Nature at home 
There is no better place to heal than mother nature. The project will host wellness workshops at the tranquil Mui Tsz Lam village, to promote a “mindful” countryside to the public. 

Upcycling local materials 
The abundant but unattended broken roof tiles and bamboo resources at Mui Tsz Lam are in fact good construction materials. On the other hand, the village has limited covered spaces for rest or activity spaces, and it has been difficult to build one due to the remoteness. The project will utilize local materials to make a pergola prototype for an environmental and community friendly covered area. 


Project Proponent: The Common Map