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Restored Village Complex

The village complex restoration project was a pilot co-creation initiative completed in the previous phases of the Programme.

  • The restored complex is now a share-use space used for multiple purposes: Programme information display, thematic exhibitions, classroom for training and education, and community gathering.
  • Traditional Chinese house building techniques were employed and local materials such as sand, mud, rice straw and oyster shells were used to follow the original building methods of Lai Chi Wo village.
  • The complex was restored in 2015 with funding and support of HSBC. The rehabilitation was a collaborative process between local villagers, architectural conservationists from the Centre for Architectural Heritage Research of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, academia in cultural heritage, builders and masters with traditional construction knowledge, keen volunteers from urban areas and the project team.
  • A row of dilapidated village structures and their front yards located at the east entrance of the Lai Chi Wo village.