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The Common Map - A mapping database of village stories

Using Cultural Mapping as a tool, The Common Map aims to record, organise and display the local stories, natural resources and farm products of the villages, and integrate them into an online database for rural capital. Within the process, we aim to bring together both local and overseas villagers, farmers, students and the general public.

The Common Map is the name of a butterfly species commonly found in Hong Kong, including Lai Chi Wo, which has wings like a map. This project, The Common Map, aims to create maps for the village commons. 

The Project aims to draw closer villagers and farmers with the general public. On the one hand, we will invite villagers to share their past memories and future aspirations of the village; working groups to share their living and working experience in the village; and farmers to introduce their farms and crops. On the other hand, we will invite the general public and students to join our workshops, sketch the scenes from villagers’ memories, draw farm maps, and collect stories and aspirations from villagers together. These will help people appreciate the Hakka and sustainable lifestyles.

Throughout the project, we will share our mapping progress with local and overseas villagers and the general public via online maps: Even in the urban areas or overseas, we can still experience our connections with the rural villages.