Senior Project Officer

Ms. LAU Bonnie

MSc (UoL), H.BSc (UofT)
   (852) 3917 4909

Bonnie works as Senior Project Officer at the Centre for Civil Society and Governance of HKU and has strong interest in research areas relating to sustainable development, environmental management, and community planning. She enjoys working at the forefront of driving sustainability agenda and creating social value. She has extensive experience in stakeholder engagement, heavily involved project coordination, event management, data analysis and maintaining contact and relationship with stakeholders. She is primarily tasked with overseeing projects that promote Social Innovation and social inclusion.


Her experience also spans to the education field where she serves as a tutorial assistant, teaching undergraduate students in Common Core Course (CCGL9040 – Energy Futures, Globalization and Sustainability).


Bonnie has earned her bachelor’s degree with honours in Statistics and Economics, and Social Geography from the University of Toronto. She also holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Economics at the University of London.

2014-2017University of London
Master of Science in Environmental Economics
2004-2008University of Toronto
B.Sc double major in Statistics / Urban, Economics and Social Geography
Professional & Community Services
2019-presentThe University of Hong Kong
Centre for Civil Society and Governance
Senior Project Officer
2016-2019The University of Hong Kong
Faculty of Social Sciences
Policy for Sustainability Lab
Project Officer
2013-2016The University of Hong Kong
Kadoorie Institute
Project Officer


2009-2011The University of Hong Kong
Department of Urban Planning and Design
Research Assistant

Community Well-Being and Wholeness: the case of “Airside” at the Kai Tak Development Area

Jockey Club Collaborative Project for Inclusive Employment

Selected Publication

Lam W.F., Chow W.C., Lau S.C., Lau M.Y., (2022), “Innovating for Our Sustainable Future: A Social Innovation Journey of Sustainable Catalysers”, Centre for Civil Society and Governance, Hong Kong.

Chow W.C., Lee C.K., Lau S.C.B, (2018), “Public Engagement Report (Final): Improvement to Fan Kam Road – Investigation”, for Highways Department, HKSARG.

Chow W.C., Lee C.K., Lau S.C.B, (2017), “Public Engagement Report (Interim): Improvement to Fan Kam Road – Investigation”, for Highways Department, HKSARG.

Law W.W.Y., Chow W.C., Leung, T.H., Lee C.K. and Lau S.C.B., (2017), “Public Engagement Report: Promotion of Sustainable Consumption of Biological Resources”, for Council for Sustainable Development.

Law W.W.Y., Chow W.C., Lee C.K. and Lau S.C.B., (2015), “Stage 1 Public Engagement Report: Urban Design Study for Wan Chai North and North Point Harbourfront Areas – Feasibility Study “, for Planning Department, HKSARG.

Law W.W.Y., Chow W.C., Lee C.K. and Lau S.C.B., (2015), “Final Report: Consultancy Study for the Enhancement Works to the Hong Kong Zoological & Botanical Gardens”, for Leisure and Cultural Services Department, HKSARG.

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